About Loulou


I am an active animal advocate from Montreal, Quebec who rescues animals and finds them homes.

I take in dogs and train or rehabilitate them to the best of my abilities to facilitate their adoption.

I work on a donation basis to try and cover the costs for training time and adoptions. Some people have kindly donated food, medicine and/or other supplies. Every kind of help is sincerely appreciated.

Please adopt an animal from a shelter, a rescue group or from someone who can / does not want it. If you need to get rid of your dog take the time to check he is placed in good hands.

The Crate Trainers


Be careful of “trainers”, ask about their methods and check them out in action. Throwing things at a dog, like sacs of metal or any kind of ‘startling the dog’ is not healthy in my opinion, and neither is trying to crate a dog.

Large breed dogs do not do well in crates. In Europe it is often seen as cruel and unprofessional. Crates are often overused and I personnally have taken in many dogs that were caged because they were found to be neurotic and even aggressive. A few weeks with me and my freewill living calms them down and can then be left in the house with no problems.
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Eeve’s Story


I had a very interesting dream one day.

I dreamt of a Pittbull only trusting me and telling me she was being forced to do things she didn’t want to do. I was protecting her from some young guys it seemed, thought I was not sure what they were up to. I looked at her and thought back, ok, I will take you away. I slipped a collar on her and she followed me. After waking up, I checked my emails and there was a note form my friend asking me to help place a dog, a Pittbull.

It was the one in my dream, and it was Eeeve’s story.

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2014 Animal Rescuer of the Year AWARDs


Apparently my face lit up when they called me up to receive the award check from the Guardian’s Best Animal Rescue Foundation.

This will be some great support for Loulou’s Rescue in the upcoming year.

Great news for the animals and everyone who helps me save them!

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Loulou interviewed by La Presse


Loulou was interviewed by Pierre Foglia from La Presse in 2011.

Click here to read it in French or continue to read it in English.

The article by Pierre Foglia appeared in La Presse in December of 2011.

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