Loulou interviewed by La Presse


Loulou was interviewed by Pierre Foglia from La Presse in 2011.

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The article by Pierre Foglia appeared in La Presse in December of 2011.

Loulou’s Pig

Note: this text is a free translation from the article by Pierre Foglia that appeared in La Presse in December of 2011.

She is 25% Chinese from her Grandfather’s side; 25% Pepsi (slang for Quebecois) from her Grandmother, Emilia of Terrebonne; 50% Slovak from her father; and 100% crazy, not insane crazy, but off the wall crazy and so all over the place, Loulou, Loulou, I can’t follow you anymore…

Her name is Louise Makovsky.

The other day, my friend’s daughter’s school bag was stolen from her car. Inside that bag were important school documents. The thieves had thrown the bag in a park. My friend received a call two days later from Loulou: Hello sir, my pig found your schoolbag.

Loulou has a Vietnamese pig that always has his snout close to the ground and that is how he always finds things in parks and in the streets of Montreal, wallets, a wig, the Koran in brail, a soccer referee’s whistle, a brand new toaster still in the box, a bicycle pump, gloves, a Tyrolean hat, men’s underwear, a child’s dress with a sun print on it and a whole bunch of other things that are like an inventory of the little things of life.

Loulou says her pig has gifts. Except that, I too, have found men’s underwear in Lafontaine Park and I have no gift. So all this to say my friend went to pick up his daughter’s bag and Loulou did a tarot reading for him. Loulou reads tarot among other jobs, she will ask you what you want to know, if you do not want to know anything in particular then she will tell you nothing in particular, if you want to know things, she will tell you things, If you want to win the lotto, you tell her how much and she takes 5%. I’m kidding.

I warned her when I entered her home: Madame Loulou, if you want us to be friends, don’t force esoterism on me. Tarot, Reiki, healing by flower essences, good and bad energy, dream interpretations, vibrations, the inner child, past lives, all that, gives me acne. I am here to see your pig so let’s go see your pig.

Louise lives in a very big apartment in the plateau where she grew up. In the front hallway, is the first dog, a Spaniel that she found about 10 days ago on Sherbrooke street, judging by the way it greets Loulou, it doesn’t seem to be missing it’s owners much. In the room on the right Chrissy, a Boston Terrier mix, recovering from a broken leg and placed with Loulou by Gerdy’s Rescue, will be up for adoption soon. At the end of the hallway a door opens to a long corridor and towards us come two galloping fuzzy Golden Doodles, that were martyrs of a puppymill. In Loulou’s office, birds, a parrot found on Prince Arthur street sitting on a staircase, a lovebird, some canaries and finches. In the next room, Bella a Labradoodle that is being dog sat.

Still in the corridor, on a sofa and quite indifferent are 2 Siamese, Ming and Pearl, another scampers into the kitchen. Attached to the kitchen is a room emptied -except for a TV- Clooney’s room, the Vietnamese pig’s domain, a beast that is more than 150lbs with straight rigid hair on his back that makes him look ferocious.

Are you sure your wild boar won’t attack me? Look at how he is pushing me with his snout. It looks like he wants something. She went to get dried apricots in the kitchen: Here that’s what he wants. He also wants his friend Bella, the Labradoodle. Bella arrives, the pig and her start to play like kids.

In a nutshell; in this Plateau apartment, a tarot reader, 5 dogs, a 150lb pig, 3 cats, birds and you wouldn’t believe: not a smell, it does not smell like dog, pig or pee. The pig’s room is cleaner than your teenagers room, Loulou has trained her animals to do their little business and their less little business outside…

Which of your critters do you love the most?

The parrot is madly in love. Then there is Ming, one of the Siamese. Also the Pig and Lotus, the Golden Doodle that is still a baby.

And you?

I love them all…

You can tell me, after all they won’t read the newspaper…

I don’t have a preference. They are my kids. It was not so long ago that I thought I had found a home for my pig, but it fell through, the whole time that I thought he was leaving, I cried and cried.

A dog? A cat? A pig?

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